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22 novembre 2010

Média 61 - Madonline


Antalaha: prioritizing the education of the female gender 26/08/2010 | 16:39:15


For two months, the Association “Coup de Pouce Humanitaire” and the Association “Prev’Act Miara Dia” from La Reunion have been working together to built a training center for young girls, and a couple of residence buildings in Santaha, near the District of Antalaha. The construction project is now completely finished and will be inaugurated on Friday, August 27, 2010.

 In order to accomplish the project on time, 4 teams of missionaries from the Association “Coup de Pouce” performed together multiple tasks, including repainting of walls, cleaning of playgrounds, installation of wood-made fences and gates. They also brought their help in the construction of the center.  

 But nothing could be done without the important financial contribution of the Foundation Orange. Through its contribution, the Foundation Orange realized the dreams of many young girls in that locality which include having a training center provided with sewing, embroidery, and handcrafts workshop, and being  able to study in brick-made schools.

 The education of the female gender greatly contributes to the development of a country. Educating young girls means giving them the chance to take care of their own future. For this very reason, humanitarian associations like “Coup de Pouce Humanitaire” and “Prev’Act Miara Dia” chose to undertake projects related to the education of the female gender in developing countries like Madagascar.

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